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JP-H04236715-A: Annealing method for directly spheroidizing steel patent, JP-H0423682-A: Film scanner patent, JP-H04237210-A: Pulse width modulator patent, JP-H0423753-A: Paper feeding device for image forming device patent, JP-H04237672-A: Attitude setting device for steering wheel of vehicle patent, JP-H0423792-A: Escalator device patent, JP-H04238836-A: Fiber for optical amplifier patent, JP-H04239683-A: Printer patent, JP-H04239999-A: Driving controlling system for automobile patent, JP-H0424012-A: Suction cleaner patent, JP-H04240671-A: Electrostatic charging device and image forming device provided therewith patent, JP-H04241998-A: Sorter with stapler device patent, JP-H04242004-A: Manufacture of conductive copper paste patent, JP-H04242049-A: Ion source patent, JP-H04244094-A: Alkyl monoglucoxide ether carboxylate and alkyl polyglucoxide ether carboxylate patent, JP-H04244563-A: Refrigerator patent, JP-H04244933-A: Device for detecting knocking of engine patent, JP-H04245689-A: Gas laser patent, JP-H04245919-A: Aromatic copolyamide fiber and its production patent, JP-H04246797-A: Automatic vending machine patent, JP-H04247600-A: Vehicle recognizing method patent, JP-H04247979-A: Power turn-on device of page printer patent, JP-H04248070-A: Metal gasket patent, JP-H04248660-A: Word processor patent, JP-H04248683-A: Motion detection device patent, JP-H04248783-A: Teletext receiver patent, JP-H04249354-A: Lead frame, tab tape and semiconductor device patent, JP-H04249413-A: Electronic tuning type tuner patent, JP-H0424965-A: Image sensor patent, JP-H04249769-A: Immunoassay patent, JP-H04249797-A: Burnup measurement method of irradiated fuel assembly patent, JP-H0425216-A: Method for deciding correction data for delay circuit patent, JP-H04252453-A: Loading mechanism for magnetic recording and reproducing device patent, JP-H04252570-A: Picture processing unit patent, JP-H04253312-A: Hook type winding machine patent, JP-H04253412-A: Surface acoustic wave device patent, JP-H04254079-A: Vacuum breaker patent, JP-H04254212-A: Automobile air conditioner patent, JP-H04254271-A: Core metal for inner rolling wheel of rubber crawler patent, JP-H04254759-A: Method and tester for evaluating printing paper patent, JP-H04255504-A: Pipe corrosion preventing device for steam turbine plant patent, JP-H04256220-A: Code error detection circuit patent, JP-H04256397-A: Heat pipe type semiconductor stack patent, JP-H04256433-A: Adsorbent for removing dioxine in water and production thereof patent, JP-H04258613-A: Production of hydroxylated fluorocopolymer patent, JP-H04259510-A: Molding method and molding device patent, JP-H0425984-A: General purpose logical unit patent, JP-H04260014-A: Automatic focusing device patent, JP-H04260635-A: Production of bushing for glass fiber patent, JP-H0426086-A: Connector for flexible substrate patent, JP-H04261424-A: Fluorine-containing polyester carbonate resin patent, JP-H04261797-A: Turning drum over-travel detecting device for industrial robot patent, JP-H04262013-A: Muffler device patent, JP-H04262609-A: Differential amplifier circuit patent, JP-H0426260-A: Multi-media communication equipment patent, JP-H04263125-A: Seek control device of optical pick-up patent, JP-H04263422-A: Method of manufacturing doped polycide layer on semiconductor substrate patent, JP-H04263424-A: Dry-etching method patent, JP-H04264147-A: Polyolefinic resin composition patent, JP-H04265399-A: Long sheet for civil engineering works patent, JP-H04265786-A: Microcapsule for pressure-sensitive recording sheet patent, JP-H04266106-A: Temperature controller patent, JP-H04266452-A: Ingot making method and feeder head frame for ingot making patent, JP-H04266878-A: Production of epoxy group-containing compound patent, JP-H04266934-A: Cross-linked anion exchange material patent, JP-H0426797-A: Continuous electroplating device provided with edge mask patent, JP-H04268082-A: Coating film and its formation patent, JP-H04268767-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-H04269792-A: Driving method for matrix display device and matrix display device operable by the method patent, JP-H04271448-A: Bus monitoring device patent, JP-H04272595-A: Rotary joint patent, JP-H04273980-A: Open show case patent, JP-H04274040-A: Magneto-optical information reader patent, JP-H04275616-A: Switch input detecting circuit patent, JP-H04275893-A: Driving mechanism for magic hand type conveying device patent, JP-H04276354-A: Rotary type storage device and storage medium patent, JP-H04277681-A: Electrically erasable and programmable non-voltage semiconductor memory patent, JP-H04277959-A: Burglary preventing device for on-vehicle telephone set patent, JP-H04278520-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-H04279749-A: Idling rotation frequency control device of engine patent, JP-H04282074-A: Device for simultaneous positioning of plurality of threaded connecting element patent, JP-H04282150-A: Quick connection/disconnection joint for dental handpiece patent, JP-H04283714-A: Endoscope insertion auxiliary tool patent, JP-H04284435-A: Supporting device for camera and the like patent, JP-H0428574-A: Image recorder patent, JP-H04286385-A: Semiconductor laser device patent, JP-H04287218-A: Input/output control system patent, JP-H04288486-A: Brazing method of mounting bracket in heat exchanger patent, JP-H04288543-A: Data base magnification calculation system patent, JP-H0428881-A: Aluminum alloy material with surface having superior treatability with zinc phosphate patent, JP-H04289123-A: Induction hardening equipment for long-size material such as ball thread shank patent, JP-H04289314-A: Method and apparatus for controlling dam patent, JP-H04290094-A: Incoming number display method for dial-in patent, JP-H04290794-A: Optical recording medium and optical recording method patent, JP-H04293060-A: Image forming device patent, JP-H04293534-A: Polyimide gas separation membrane and its use patent, JP-H0429366-A: Contact-type image sensor patent, JP-H04294139-A: Two layer double-sided tab tape patent, JP-H04294554-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-H0429462-A: Image sensor patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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